Eyebrow Wax                $17+

Lip Wax                          $10+

Cheek Wax                     $21+

Chin Wax                        $10+

Face Wax                        $35+

Arm Wax                        $35+

Lower Leg Wax             $47+

Underarm Wax             $25+



Lash Lifts                     $85+

Lash Tint                      $25+

Brown Tint                   $15+



Basic Makeup                                    $55+

Basic with Contour                          $75+

Basic with Contour and Lashes   $95+

***All prices are subject to change.  These are starting prices and can fluctuate depending on the amount of hair, condition of the hair and the look you are wanting to achieve.  

NO SHOW POLICY:  Due to limited time, I request a 24 hour notification for any cancellation or reschedule.  If I do not receive a notification, I require 50% of the service scheduled prior to your next reservation.  Although some instances are unforeseen, we request a phone call in a timely manner to accommodate other guests.