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Extension Specialist

Prior to scheduling an extension installation,

their is a required consultation to customize your look.



Hand-tied extensions are a method that require no glue, tape, or heat for application. With minimal points of contact this will put less pressure on your scalp and hair follicle, which allows minimal damage if cared for properly.

Hand-tied extensions can add length, fullness or color to your everyday look that is less invasive and longer lasting than other hair extension alternatives. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut and styled. This keeps your look seamless, and the wefts are virtually undetectable giving you the luxurious locks you have always dreamed of.



Keratip provides natural movement and a transparent bond.  The application lasts three months or more.



Tape-ins are lightweight, seamless and easily reusable.  This technique can be used for most hair types.  Typically lasts 8 weeks between applications. 



I-Tips provide clients natural movement and a lightweight feel.  No heat or adhesives are used for application. I-tip can last about 8 weeks between applications.

Clear Tubes


Clear Tubes provide lighteweight results and a clear bond.  It is great for fine texture.  



Microtip are the smallest extensions.  They are designed to be applied nearest to the hairline, bang and crown areas.  They can be applied to both women and men who desire volume and coverage.

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